MSWRHC Car Gear Lever Omaha Mall Extender Wheel Compa Accelerator Steering,Compa,Lever,Gear,Extender,$32,Wheel,Car,/Illano3474960.html,Steering,Accelerator,,MSWRHC,Automotive , Interior Accessories $32 MSWRHC Car Gear Lever Extender Steering Wheel Accelerator, Compa Automotive Interior Accessories MSWRHC Car Gear Lever Omaha Mall Extender Wheel Compa Accelerator Steering,Compa,Lever,Gear,Extender,$32,Wheel,Car,/Illano3474960.html,Steering,Accelerator,,MSWRHC,Automotive , Interior Accessories $32 MSWRHC Car Gear Lever Extender Steering Wheel Accelerator, Compa Automotive Interior Accessories

MSWRHC Car Gear Lever Omaha Mall Extender Direct stock discount Wheel Compa Accelerator Steering

MSWRHC Car Gear Lever Extender Steering Wheel Accelerator, Compa


MSWRHC Car Gear Lever Extender Steering Wheel Accelerator, Compa

Product description


Type: steering wheel shift paddles
Material: metal alloy
Color: red/blue/black/silver (optional)
Vehicle location: left and right steering wheel
Suitable for the following models:

Suitable for steering wheel DSG+/- functional cars.
The package includes:
2 steering wheel shift paddle extension boards (left and right)

1. Due to manual measurement, please allow an error of 1-2mm.
2. Due to various factors, the actual color of the product may be slightly different from the image displayed on the product.

MSWRHC Car Gear Lever Extender Steering Wheel Accelerator, Compa

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