Fuel,NGHTMRE,$48,Matched,Set,Injectors,/Illano3521460.html,6-Pack,Automotive , Replacement Parts,23250,Repl#23209-62040,crazysteroidindia.com NGHTMRE 6-Pack Large discharge sale Matched Fuel Repl#23209-62040 Set 23250 Injectors $48 NGHTMRE 6-Pack Matched Fuel Injectors Set Repl#23209-62040 23250 Automotive Replacement Parts $48 NGHTMRE 6-Pack Matched Fuel Injectors Set Repl#23209-62040 23250 Automotive Replacement Parts NGHTMRE 6-Pack Large discharge sale Matched Fuel Repl#23209-62040 Set 23250 Injectors Fuel,NGHTMRE,$48,Matched,Set,Injectors,/Illano3521460.html,6-Pack,Automotive , Replacement Parts,23250,Repl#23209-62040,crazysteroidindia.com

NGHTMRE 6-Pack Popular Large discharge sale Matched Fuel Repl#23209-62040 Set 23250 Injectors

NGHTMRE 6-Pack Matched Fuel Injectors Set Repl#23209-62040 23250


NGHTMRE 6-Pack Matched Fuel Injectors Set Repl#23209-62040 23250

Product description

Interchange Part Number:

Manufacturer Part Number:
23209-62040, 23250-62040

Other Part Number:
2320962040, 2325062040, M717, 4G1597, 1580561, FJ5,FJ585

Compatible with
for TOYOTA 4RUNNER 1999 - 2002
for TOYOTA TACOMA 1999 - 2004
for TOYOTA TUNDRA 2000 - 2004
for 2004 TOYOTA TACOMA 3.4L V6
for 2004 TOYOTA TUNDRA 3.4L V6
for 2003 TOYOTA TACOMA 3.4L V6
for 2003 TOYOTA TUNDRA 3.4L V6
for 2002 TOYOTA 4RUNNER 3.4L V6
for 2002 TOYOTA TACOMA 3.4L V6
for 2002 TOYOTA TUNDRA 3.4L V6
for 2001 TOYOTA 4RUNNER 3.4L V6
for 2001 TOYOTA TACOMA 3.4L V6
for 2001 TOYOTA TUNDRA 3.4L V6
for 2000 TOYOTA 4RUNNER 3.4L V6
for 2000 TOYOTA TACOMA 3.4L V6
for 2000 TOYOTA TUNDRA 3.4L V6
for 1999 TOYOTA 4RUNNER 3.4L V6
for 1999 TOYOTA TACOMA 3.4L V6

NGHTMRE 6-Pack Matched Fuel Injectors Set Repl#23209-62040 23250

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