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Men Ranking TOP10 Smart Watches CUBOT Louisville-Jefferson County Mall Waterproof Heart Tracker with R Fitness

Men Smart Watches, CUBOT Waterproof Fitness Tracker with Heart R


Men Smart Watches, CUBOT Waterproof Fitness Tracker with Heart R

Product Description

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CUBOT Smart Watches for Men:

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Main Function

Heart Rate Monitor, Fitness tracker, Sleep Monitor, Pedometer Step Counter, Music Control, Remote Camera Control, Distance Tracker, Calorie Counter

Other Functions

Stopwatch, Brightness Adjustment, Firmware information, Search Device

Improtant Notifications

Call, Message, Sedentary Alerts, App, SMS Notification, Reminder, Target Reaching Reminder, low battery, Extremely low battery

10 Sports Modes

Outdoors Walking,Indoor Running,Outdoor Riding,Indoor Bicycle,Outdoors Running,Hiking,Fitness,Elliptical Machine,Stepper Machine,Rowing Machine


This Men smartwatch can work with Android, iOS, iPhone, Samsung, Huawei cell phones through Bluetooth.


Notice When the sports watch connects to the phone, if it prompts : Enter the password, kindly follow this operate: Function menugt;Pull down to the bottomgt;Settingsgt;Press to the bottomgt;Reset
How to load the H Band App Download the APP named H Band by scanning the QR code of the manual(in the watch case) or the QR on the CUBOT Smartwatch.
How to setting Notification Follow this path in H Band on your cell phone: Mine-- click "C3"--Message notification. Also turn on the Permission management on the APP. More questions please see "Help“ in H Band APP.
How to Connect the Phone? First, open your phone's Bluetooth/GPS, then find Bluetooth of the watch in APP; Bind the device by H Band app, not Bluetooth Setting of the phone. (Pleas update your phone system up to iOS 8.0+ or Android 4.4+ if the connection failed. Note: If you do not enter the "Select Device" page, it means that the APP has been connected to other devices. Please follow this path: "H Band"-Device-Click "Unbind" at the bottom, and then follow the above operations.
Sleep Monitor not Work? Because of power consumption considerations, our sleep monitoring time period is not all-weather, but set to monitor in the interval of 18:00~08:00, and in order to display the accuracy of the sleep time, the wake-up display of this watch will display the sleep time slightly Delayed for about half an hour to facilitate more accurate analysis and calculation of the algorithm
Step Counter not Accurately? Because of the complexity of the human body's activity state, such as brushing teeth, eating, playing games, typing on the keyboard, and irregular swinging of the upper limbs, there will be some small errors, but we are pursuing the accuracy of long-term exercise. Continuously optimize our algorithms to ensure the accuracy of data
Heart Rate Tracking Because of the power consumption issue, our automatic heart rate monitoring is turned off by default. It uses all-day interval monitoring (currently this watch is automatically tested once every 10 minutes). If you want to know your heart rate at that time, you can also enter it. Heart rate test interface test (results out about 5S)
Multilingual supported 9 languages ​​( English, German, Japanese, Spanish, French, Portuguese, Russian, Italian,Chinese). Time and language will be automatically synchronized with the phone after a successful connection.
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Waterproof Rate IP68 IP68 IP68 5ATM 5ATM
Heart Monitor
Sleep Tracking
Customize Dials
Usage Time 10-12 days 10-12 days 10-12 days 15days 15days
Replacement band Blue replacement band Purple replacement band

Men Smart Watches, CUBOT Waterproof Fitness Tracker with Heart R

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