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Optix Window Trim Chrome Delete Precut Price reduction Wrap Blackout Overl Vinyl 4 years warranty

Optix Window Trim Chrome Delete Blackout Precut Vinyl Wrap Overl


Optix Window Trim Chrome Delete Blackout Precut Vinyl Wrap Overl

Product description

Color:Gloss Black

We offer a wide assortment of premium quality cast vinyl adhesive film. With our large selection of vibrant colors and texture patterns, you can express your creativity exactly how you want.

Product Specifications:

- Premium Cast Vinyl
- Precut and designed for your vehicle only.
- Please use Heat gun during installation to assist with adhesion. This is optional but recommended (not included)
- UV Protective Coating + Weather Resistant Surface
- Vinyl has natural "memory" - it can be wrinkled and then returned to near original condition with gentle heat applied

Basic Installation Guide:

1) Wipe down and clean your window trim. Make sure the area is clean, free from dirt, grease or other debris
2) Peel off the adhesive vinyl decal from the backing (grab an extra pair of hands to help you!)
3) Carefully apply the vinyl over the decal area
4) Make sure to lay the vinyl flat, using a soft tool to help apply the decal and eliminate any air bubbles
5) Start applying from one end to another, follow the inside edges during your application. Repeat steps for each vinyl piece.
6) Read the included directions for extra guidance
Let us show you that we care about all our customers, 100% satisfaction guaranteed! *Please contact us if you run into any issues and our customer support team would be more than glad to assist you!

Optix Window Trim Chrome Delete Blackout Precut Vinyl Wrap Overl

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