$30 seductive GF 2pcs Universal 7/8" Round Bar End Rear Mirrors Moto Automotive Motorcycle Powersports seductive GF 2pcs Universal 7 8" Bar Mirrors Round Rear End Popular standard Moto Mirrors,$30,seductive,/annually3475237.html,Bar,End,7/8",Universal,Moto,GF,Automotive , Motorcycle Powersports,Round,2pcs,Rear,crazysteroidindia.com $30 seductive GF 2pcs Universal 7/8" Round Bar End Rear Mirrors Moto Automotive Motorcycle Powersports Mirrors,$30,seductive,/annually3475237.html,Bar,End,7/8",Universal,Moto,GF,Automotive , Motorcycle Powersports,Round,2pcs,Rear,crazysteroidindia.com seductive GF 2pcs Universal 7 8" Bar Mirrors Round Rear End Popular standard Moto

seductive GF 2pcs Surprise price Universal 7 8

seductive GF 2pcs Universal 7/8" Round Bar End Rear Mirrors Moto


seductive GF 2pcs Universal 7/8" Round Bar End Rear Mirrors Moto

Product description


Motorcycle rod end mirror


100% brand new!!!

Material: Aluminum

Color: Black + silver / red / Blue / Black / gold

Mirror size: 7.2cm (2.83 ")

Mirror color: Blue (anti glare)

Box size: approximately 22.5cm (L) x 10.5cm (W) x 7 cm (H)

Accessories: suitable for motorcycle, standard hollow 7 / 8 inch (22mm) diameter handlebar products


-Shock proof, waterproof

-Decorate your motorcycle

-High quality blue anti glare mirror provides clear view during the day and day night

-Easy to install, no need to modify, most suitable for your motorcycle pole end mirror

seductive GF 2pcs Universal 7/8" Round Bar End Rear Mirrors Moto

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