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Toilet Bound Hanako Kun Manufacturer direct delivery cheap Costume Cospla Unisex Cosplay

Toilet Bound Hanako Kun Cosplay Costume Unisex Hanako Kun Cospla


Toilet Bound Hanako Kun Cosplay Costume Unisex Hanako Kun Cospla

Product description

Package Includes: Jacket + Shirt + Pants + hat + belt + socks.

Size Information:
S: Height:59.06"-62.20", Bust:32.68"-34.65", Waist:25.59"-27.95", Hips:33.86"-35.83", Shoulder:14.96"-15.35"
M: Height:62.20"-64.17", Bust:34.65"-36.61", Waist:27.95"-29.92", Hips:35.83"-37.80", Shoulder:15.35"-15.75"
L: Height:64.17"-66.93", Bust:36.61"-39.37", Waist:29.92"-32.28", Hips:37.80"-40.16", Shoulder:15.75"-16.14"
XL: Height:66.93"-70.08", Bust:39.37"-41.34",Waist:32.28"-34.65", Hips:40.16"-42.52", Shoulder:16.14"-16.54"
2XL: Height:70.08"-72.83", Bust:41.34"-44.09", Waist:34.65"-37.01", Hips:42.52"-44.10", Shoulder:16.54"-16.93"

Toilet Bound Hanako Kun Cosplay Costume Unisex Hanako Kun Cospla

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