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New Shipping Free Betty Crocker Fruit Roll Ups 2021 model 0.5 Oz Count 96 Strawberry

Betty Crocker Fruit Roll Ups, Strawberry, 0.5 Oz, 96 Count


Betty Crocker Fruit Roll Ups, Strawberry, 0.5 Oz, 96 Count

Product description

Fun, fruity delicious choice for snacks. No artificial flavors; No colors from artificial sources with a fruit first ingredient. Smart Snacks Compliant.

From the manufacturer

Fruit Roll-Ups Crazy Colors Reduced Sugar Fruit Roll-Ups Strawberry Reduced Sugar Fruit Roll-Ups Blastin' Berry Hot Colors Reduced Sugar Mott's Medley Assorted Fruit Snacks Scooby Doo Fruit Flavored Snacks
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Betty Crocker Fruit Roll Ups, Strawberry, 0.5 Oz, 96 Count

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