Genuine Fees free!! Honda - Left Right 87020-070-010 Emblems Tank Fits Automotive , Motorcycle Powersports,-,Fits,-,Honda,Emblems,87020-070-010,,Left,Genuine,/assertional3561565.html,Right,Tank,$24,- $24 Genuine Honda - Left Right Tank Emblems - 87020-070-010 - Fits Automotive Motorcycle Powersports Genuine Fees free!! Honda - Left Right 87020-070-010 Emblems Tank Fits Automotive , Motorcycle Powersports,-,Fits,-,Honda,Emblems,87020-070-010,,Left,Genuine,/assertional3561565.html,Right,Tank,$24,- $24 Genuine Honda - Left Right Tank Emblems - 87020-070-010 - Fits Automotive Motorcycle Powersports

Genuine Fees free Honda Genuine Free Shipping - Left Right 87020-070-010 Emblems Tank Fits

Genuine Honda - Left Right Tank Emblems - 87020-070-010 - Fits


Genuine Honda - Left Right Tank Emblems - 87020-070-010 - Fits

Product description

New Genuine Honda left and right badges / emblems for several 60's Honda's that had toaster style tanks. These badges are metal not plastic like the original badge, so they will last longer without cracking and warping. The badge is chrome and it's painted black with the old style white Honda wing.

Dimensions: 60mm O.D - mounting holes 33mm apart (measured center to center)

Honda part number: 87020-070-010 (Left amp; Right Badge) - Does not include mounting screws

Fits Honda:

CA200 (C200) Honda 90 - 1963-1966
CL90 Scrambler - 1967-1969
S90 Super - 1964-1969
CB92 Benly Super Sport 125 - 1959-1962
CA95 Benly Touring 150 - 1959-1966
CB160 Sport - 1965-1969

Genuine Honda - Left Right Tank Emblems - 87020-070-010 - Fits

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