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Enduro Engineering Rear Disc Max 48% OFF Guard 2013 33-046 New York Mall - Compatible with

Enduro Engineering Rear Disc Guard 33-046 - Compatible with 2013


Enduro Engineering Rear Disc Guard 33-046 - Compatible with 2013

Product description

MPN: 33-046
Fits: 25mm axle
KTM 2013-2018 125/450 SX/XC/SXF/XCF
Husqvarna 2015 250/450 FC
Husqvarna 2016-2017 125 TC 250/300/350/450 FC/FX/TX
Husqvarna 2017 250 TC

We are passionate about power sports, we ride and we hope you do too. We have picked select items from the best companies available to use on our own bikes and are pleased to offer them to you. We stand behind the brands we sell and we actually use them ourselves. If you have any questions please contact us. We would love to hear from you.
No more ride ending damaged disc brake rotors. This roughlooking Enduro Engineering billet machined rear disc guard will protect your KTM, Husqvarnadisc rotor from rocky, rutted terrain.

  • CNC machined from durable billet aluminum alloy
  • Deflects potentially damaging rocks and debris
  • Replaces entire brake caliper carrier
  • Secured by the axle mounting system
  • Extremely durable
  • Replaceable fin

Enduro Engineering Rear Disc Guard 33-046 - Compatible with 2013


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