Alpha Paw Cozy Calming List price Dog Bed Anti Anxiety Comfy - B Plush Alpha Paw Cozy Calming List price Dog Bed Anti Anxiety Comfy - B Plush $31 Alpha Paw Cozy Calming Dog Bed - Comfy, Anti Anxiety Plush Dog B Pet Supplies Dogs /festination3474978.html,Plush,Calming,Comfy,,Anxiety,Alpha,Cozy,Anti,B,$31,Dog,Pet Supplies , Dogs,Dog,,Bed,Paw,- $31 Alpha Paw Cozy Calming Dog Bed - Comfy, Anti Anxiety Plush Dog B Pet Supplies Dogs /festination3474978.html,Plush,Calming,Comfy,,Anxiety,Alpha,Cozy,Anti,B,$31,Dog,Pet Supplies , Dogs,Dog,,Bed,Paw,-

Alpha Paw Cozy Calming List price Dog Bed Anti Anxiety Comfy - B Online limited product Plush

Alpha Paw Cozy Calming Dog Bed - Comfy, Anti Anxiety Plush Dog B


Alpha Paw Cozy Calming Dog Bed - Comfy, Anti Anxiety Plush Dog B

Product Description


  • Did you know that over 23 million dogs in the United States suffer from anxiety? This can be triggered by several factors, from fear of their environment to separation from their loved ones. To help stop these anxiety attacks, simply start by creating an environment that provides the feeling of safety and comfort, such as the Cozy Calming Bed.
  • Dogs will sleep just about anywhere, including a cold, hard floor that makes it difficult to get comfortable, diminishes sleep quality, and worsens joint pain. This leads to declining health and behavior, but can be avoided if your dog has a soft, welcoming spot to rest.
  • The Cozy Calming Bed creates a sense of security with a raised rim design. Because this positively impacts the nervous system, your dog can calm down faster and get better sleep. Additionally, the filling within the bed assists with joint and muscle pain relief, making it great for elderly dogs that may be suffering from arthritis.
  • Made from the same luxurious vegan fabric that’s used to create baby blankets. Soft, durable, and machine washable, this material mimics the warmth of your pet’s mother, which creates a further sense of security.
  • Each bed is machine washable, making them easy to clean. You can be sure your fur baby always has a fresh place to relax. (Machine wash, gentle cycle. Tumble dry).

Anxiety symptoms can manifest for your dog in a variety of ways:

Pacing or shaking: You may recall seeing your dog shake their whole body after a bath or after rolling in the grass. Although this is normal behavior and is quite amusing, it can also be the result of a stressful situation if it’s reoccurring. For example, your dog may “shake it off” when they descend from the exam table at the veterinarian -- a common stressor for dogs. Like people, dogs also pace when they’re agitated. They may walk a repeated path, such as when they’re in the exam room waiting to be seen by the veterinarian.

Whining or barking: Dogs normally express themselves through vocalization, but these sounds may be intensified when they are under distress. Frightened or tense dogs may whine or bark to get your attention or to soothe themselves.

Yawning, drooling, and licking: Dogs will yawn when they are tired or bored, but they will also yawn when they are stressed. A stressful yawn is more prolonged and intense, as opposed to a sleep yawn. Dogs may also drool and lick excessively when they are nervous.

Changes in eyes and ears: Stressed dogs, much like stressed people, may have dilated pupils and rapidly blink. They may open their eyes wide to reveal more sclera (whites of the eyes) than usual, giving them a startled appearance. Ears that are usually relaxed and alert are pinned back against the head, signaling a timid or fearful reaction.

Changes in body posture: Dogs normally bear their weight evenly on all four legs. If a healthy dog with no known orthopedic issues shifts their weight to the rear legs or cowers, they are exhibiting signs of stress. Dogs may also tuck their tails or become completely rigid when they are scared.

Shedding: You may have heard of a show dog “blowing their coat,” which happens when they’re nervous in the entertainment ring. Dogs will also shed a lot when visiting a veterinary clinic. Shedding increases when your dog is anxious, although it is less noticeable in outside settings, such as the dog park.

Panting: Dogs will pant when they are excited, stressed, or overheated. If your dog is panting even though they haven’t exercised, then they could be under duress.

Changes in Bodily Functions: Like people, nervous dogs may feel the urge to frequently urinate. Your dog may urinate after meeting a new canine friend to mark territory while also reacting to the strain of the situation. Refusing to eat and losing bowel function can also indicate stress.

Avoidant or Displacement Behavior: Dogs tend to “escape” unwelcome situations by focusing on something else. They may excessively sniff the ground, lick their genitals, or simply turn away. If your dog is avoiding interaction with other dogs or people, there could be underlying tension that you’re oblivious to.

Hiding or Escaping: An extension of avoidance, nervous dogs may literally move behind their owners to hide. They may even nudge their owner to prompt them to get going. Dogs may engage in diversion activities such as digging or circling as a means of escape. Additionally, they may lurk behind a tree or a parked car for concealment purposes.

How can I help my dog handle stressful situations? You must first be familiar with your dog’s natural demeanor in order to understand when they are exhibiting signs of stress. From there, you can differentiate from normal behaviors, such as licking their lips when they want a treat, from detrimental behaviors such as licking their lips because they’re anxious. A relaxed dog will have semi-erect or forward facing ears, a soft mouth, and round eyes with weight distributed evenly on all four paws. The ability to distinguish between these behaviors is paramount to diffusing uncomfortable situations as they arise.

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Alpha Paw has everything your pet needs! No corn, wheat, or artificial fillers. Reduce plaque, tartar amp; bad breath. Odor Locking Charcoal Pee Pads. Dark color hides yellow stains. Essential vitamins and minerals for dogs of any age.

Alpha Paw Cozy Calming Dog Bed - Comfy, Anti Anxiety Plush Dog B

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