$24 MSWRHC Car Led Courtesy Light Welcome Light Projection Light, Co Automotive Replacement Parts Projection,Car,MSWRHC,Co,$24,Light,Automotive , Replacement Parts,/gether3475152.html,Welcome,crazysteroidindia.com,Light,Courtesy,Led,Light, MSWRHC Car Be super welcome Led Courtesy Light Co Welcome Projection MSWRHC Car Be super welcome Led Courtesy Light Co Welcome Projection $24 MSWRHC Car Led Courtesy Light Welcome Light Projection Light, Co Automotive Replacement Parts Projection,Car,MSWRHC,Co,$24,Light,Automotive , Replacement Parts,/gether3475152.html,Welcome,crazysteroidindia.com,Light,Courtesy,Led,Light,

Low price MSWRHC Car Be super welcome Led Courtesy Light Co Welcome Projection

MSWRHC Car Led Courtesy Light Welcome Light Projection Light, Co


MSWRHC Car Led Courtesy Light Welcome Light Projection Light, Co

Product description

Product name: Car welcome light
Chip: CREE
Voltage: DC12V-24V
Current: 0.18MA
Color temperature: 6500
Quantity: 1 set (2 pieces)
Weight: 0.2kg
Package includes: 1 set (2 pcs) x car welcome light
Packing size: 95mm*93mm*37mm

1. Due to manual measurement, please allow an error of 1-2mm.
2. Due to various factors, the actual color of the product may be slightly different from the image displayed on the product.

MSWRHC Car Led Courtesy Light Welcome Light Projection Light, Co

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