$82 XJZ Kick Scooter for Kids - Removable and 3 Adjustable Height PU Toys Games Baby Toddler Toys for,Kids,PU,Height,and,crazysteroidindia.com,Kick,3,Adjustable,XJZ,Removable,$82,-,/hacking3327823.html,Scooter,Toys Games , Baby Toddler Toys for,Kids,PU,Height,and,crazysteroidindia.com,Kick,3,Adjustable,XJZ,Removable,$82,-,/hacking3327823.html,Scooter,Toys Games , Baby Toddler Toys $82 XJZ Kick Scooter for Kids - Removable and 3 Adjustable Height PU Toys Games Baby Toddler Toys XJZ Kick Scooter for Kids - Height Max 59% OFF Removable 3 Adjustable and PU XJZ Kick Scooter for Kids - Height Max 59% OFF Removable 3 Adjustable and PU

XJZ Kick Scooter In a popularity for Kids - Height Max 59% OFF Removable 3 Adjustable and PU

XJZ Kick Scooter for Kids - Removable and 3 Adjustable Height PU


XJZ Kick Scooter for Kids - Removable and 3 Adjustable Height PU

Product description


We always believe that your child must be safe first. Another idea about safety first, we use ultra-wide wheels.
This kid's scooter is equipped with 2 large front LED wheels, which will light up when you ride.
They can easily apply rear wheel cover braking and control speed.
With the help of tilting turns, this scooter is an ideal way for children to learn balance and motor skills.

Material: PU wheel + ABS + aluminum alloy
Height: 3 levels of height can be adjusted (63-70-77cm)
Suitable height: 75-150cm
Weight: about 2.4kg
Color: blue, orange, yellow
Suitable age: 2-8 years old
Bearing weight: about 100kg
Suitable for road surface: thickened PU shock-absorbing wheels, suitable for various road surfaces
Function: Intelligent gravity steering; detachable; foot brake system

The package includes:
1 × Kick Scooter

Warm reminder:
When playing, please wear protective gear to prevent falls and injuries. It is best for children to play with an adult. Don't ride in the middle of the road.
There may be slight differences between the color of the image and the actual product.
If you have any questions about the product, you can contact us at any time and we will solve the problem for you within 24 hours.

XJZ Kick Scooter for Kids - Removable and 3 Adjustable Height PU

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