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Banda 5000 WATT 1 OHM CAR AMP


Banda 5000 WATT 1 OHM CAR AMP

Product description

BANDA VIKING5001 One Channel 5000 Watts Max @ 1 Ohm Car Audio Amplifier w/Bass Boost High Pass Filter and Low Pass Filter. Use 1/0AWG power cables for both GND and +12Vdc. Do not use an impedance load lower than the amplifier specification. This can damage the equipment. Use wire solder for tinning the cable end for better electrical contact. Loose electrical connection can cause malfunction, heating and even fire. The GND connection must be as short as possible, using an adequate wire terminal firmly connected to a clean, paint free spot at the car chassis. If more than one amplifier is used, provide adequate individual wiring for each one. If using a power supply to power the amplifier, it must be capable of supplying between 12.6 – 14.4Vdc with at least the amplifier maximum current value and maximum output variation (Vripple) of 10%.

Banda 5000 WATT 1 OHM CAR AMP

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