Taul Farms Certified Organic Premium Orchard fo Clover Hay Grass Seattle Mall $23,/malefaction3327847.html,Orchard,Hay,Taul,Grass,Organic,fo,Farms,Clover,Premium,Pet Supplies , Small Animals,Certified,crazysteroidindia.com $23 Taul Farms Certified Organic Premium Orchard Grass Clover Hay fo Pet Supplies Small Animals $23,/malefaction3327847.html,Orchard,Hay,Taul,Grass,Organic,fo,Farms,Clover,Premium,Pet Supplies , Small Animals,Certified,crazysteroidindia.com $23 Taul Farms Certified Organic Premium Orchard Grass Clover Hay fo Pet Supplies Small Animals Taul Farms Certified Organic Premium Orchard fo Clover Hay Grass Seattle Mall

Sacramento Mall Taul Farms Certified Organic Premium Orchard fo Clover Hay Grass Seattle Mall

Taul Farms Certified Organic Premium Orchard Grass Clover Hay fo


Taul Farms Certified Organic Premium Orchard Grass Clover Hay fo

Product description

Size:5 lb.

Taul Farms Premium Hay is 100% USDA Certified ORGANIC Pure Sun-dried Fresh Hay for Small Pets (Rabbits, Guinea Pigs, Chinchillas amp; Others), Horses, Cattle, Sheep and other hay eating animals. There are absolutely NO additives, preservatives, pesticides or GMO products, so this hay is much healthier than the typical hay. Taul Farms is a KY Proud producer and we have worked to also become a certified Real Organic Project (ROP) farm. The hay is a mixture of tasty 100% organic Orchard grass, Endophyte-free Fescue and Red and White Clover - YUMMY. We choose the best bales from the 2nd or 3rd cuttings of hay and hand pack on our small KY family farm hay barn, then ship directly to your pet. This hay is a healthy mixture of natural fiber and protein in each box so no need for us (or you) to manually/unnaturally mix grasses and legumes. Our hay is also being utilized as an organic mulch with obviously more nutrients than any organic straw.

Taul Farms Certified Organic Premium Orchard Grass Clover Hay fo

TOI Facts
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