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RaceQuip Long John Underwear Bottoms SFI FR ! Super beauty product restock quality top! 3.3 Retardant Max 68% OFF Fire B

RaceQuip Long John Underwear Bottoms SFI 3.3 Fire Retardant FR B


RaceQuip Long John Underwear Bottoms SFI 3.3 Fire Retardant FR B

Product Description

First introduced in 1975, the RaceQuip brand has built a reputation for manufacturing and distributing high-quality auto racing safety equipment. The SFI and FIA-rated auto racing and motorsports safety gear manufactured by RaceQuip is recognized by and designed for use in almost any racing series or sanction.

RaceQuip SFI 3.3 rated long underwear bottoms are knit from a blend of aramid and FRC fabrics to achieve a comfortable fire retardant garment. The properties of this unique fabric structure create a lightweight fabric that performs like Nomex yet is much more cost-effective. The Fire Retardant Cotton (FRC) component of the fabric promotes a soft and supple lightweight feel. Since it's hypoallergenic, it won't irritate your skin like some other materials tend to do. This proprietary fabric blend is also superior at wicking away moisture from the skin and dries quickly. Seams are flat sewn and strategically placed to avoid pressure points and promote comfort. All RaceQuip fire retardant underwear garments are machine washable and retain their shape well. The bottom of these pants is a long john design with cuffs at the ankles and exceeds the SFI 3.3 rating. Available in black in sizes X-Small - 5XL - remember that racing underwear is designed and built to fit snugly.

RaceQuip Long John Underwear Bottoms SFI 3.3 Fire Retardant FR B

TOI Facts
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