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Kedera Women's Collarless free shipping Blue Denim Super beauty product restock quality top! Sleeve Stretch Jackets Long

Kedera Women's Collarless Blue Denim Jackets Long Sleeve Stretch


Kedera Women's Collarless Blue Denim Jackets Long Sleeve Stretch

Product Description

Women's Denim Jacket

Women's Collarless Blue Denim Jackets

  • FABRIC: cotton polyster blend.
  • Retro washed denim jacket with no collar,flap-button chest pockets.
  • Short cropped design with button-front closure and fit your body above the waist and casual modes.
Size Chart

  • Our Sizes are standard US Size, NOT runs small.
  • This chart is based on your body measurements
  • Chest measurement is important for tops; waist measurement for pants amp; jeans
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Kedera Women's Collarless Blue Denim Jackets Long Sleeve Stretch

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